Blue NAP Americas is the most advanced multi-tenant Tier-IV certified data center in the Pan-Caribbean region.

We provide our customers with an exceptional Tier-IV data center that defies industry expectations by adhering to the highest technical and operational standards:

• True Tier-IV certified Design and Constructed Facility
• World-class management & operations
• 100% uptime of all critical resources
• Superior risk mitigation from natural and man-made disasters

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Facility Features
Space: 55,000 sq. ft. building, 10,000 sq. ft. Whitespace
Infrastructure: Tier-IV Facility with 2N+1 configuration for all critical resources; surrounded by anti-climb walls designed to prevent large vehicles from breaking on to the property.
Altitude: Equipment Floors 60 meters (197 feet) above sea level
Roof Slope Design: Drains rainwater in excess of 100-year storm intensity with a pitch to channel water via gravity to ponds and channels surrounding the property.
Hurricane Endurance: Category 5 hurricane resistance with approximately 12 million pounds of concrete roof ballast. State-of-the-art lightning prevention system has also been installed.
Exterior Panels: Window-less 8” thick solid concrete Location: Approximately 65 kilometers (40 miles) north of the Venezuelan coast; geographically positioned outside the traditional hurricane belt and major seismic zones.

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Power: Dual independent fully redundant 5 MW power plants. Commercial power feeds and backup power is provided through Continuous Power Systems (CPS). Generator capacity has been designed to accommodate the power draw of a fully loaded data center indefinitely— with 14 days re-fueling intervals.
Cooling: Chilled Water Cooling system with dual independent cooling paths fully automated with advanced leak detection system
Smoke and Heat Sensors: Electronic detection systems for managing and monitoring environmental systems with over 100 passive infrared heat sensors and pan-tilt-zoom IP high-resolution cameras throughout the property. Fire Suppression System: A cutting-edge early fire detection and suppression systems that limits the potential for damage in the event of a fire. It consists of multi-zoned, dry-pipe system which holds water outside of the building until a fire is verified, helping to prevent accidental draining of water into equipment areas.

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Technological Infrastructure: Cloud solutions run on VCE’s VBlockTM infrastructure and supported by proven technology from EMC, VMware, CISCO and Intel.
Access Control: Restricted to Blue NAP Americas personnel and designated authorized Personnel of Customers via Smart chip RFID keycard access and biometric and personalized access codes. Standard 19 inch and wide rack configurations are accessible with card swipe access. The main white space is suited with raised floors with a loading capacity of 225 pounds per square foot, two loading docks and a freight elevator.
Security: The Network Operations Center (NOC), the Security Operations Center (SOC), and armed guards are operational 24x7x365. Visitors require a 3-day pre-clearance before getting access to the datacenter building.
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2008, ISO27001, SOC2 certification
SLA Guarantee: 100% uptime for Power & Cooling

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Blue NAP Americas provides you with direct access to multiple global carriers. Our ability to connect to a massive and diverse network of submarine cables allows us to deliver any available service from any network provider to customers worldwide.

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